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Hello, friends of the ANIMA Group! We bring you good news!

The ANIMA Group launches through April and May 2021:
New website: www.animamusica.art
New YouTube Channel: Grupo Anima Oficial


Visit ANIMA Group’s 30 year trajectory, find their new releases and follow Anima on social medias:

@musica.anima | Facebook: @grupoanima

Photo: Daniel Bittar.

Discover the complete trilogy “Imaginário Sonoro Brasileiro” now on main music apps: (Spotify, Deezer, ITune, YouTube Music, SESC Digital [free]). Listen to the CDs:

MAR ANTERIOR - Video-Release
Image: As Gentes - ROSANA PAULINO

ENCANTARIA (2017/2018), booklet and on line (112 pages). 

DONZELA GUERREIRA (2010), booklet and on line (88 pages).

On our YouTube Channel, watch our live series with our very special guests, ON THE ROAD WİTH ANIMA: AT HOME, celebrates ANIMA Group's 30th anniversary and the launch of the new CD MAR ANTERIOR (2020):


FUNARTE Award for Brazilian Music - Ministry of Culture
APCA Award - São Paulo Association of Art Critics
V Carlos Gomes Award – Culture Secretariat of the  State of São Paulo
Brazilian Popular Music Movement Award

In its trajectory, the ANIMA Group has built a solid and award-winning career in Brazil and abroad, promoting and showing the musical imaginary of Brazil. Altogether there are 7 CDs and musical shows and concerts, 2 collectives and a DVD.  For such works, ANİMA received awards in the field of classical chamber music and also popular music. ANIMA performs throughout Brazil, from the Amazon Rainforest to the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia - Misiones de Chiquitos -, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, France, in theaters and series of ancient music and chamber music and world music. In addition to the concert performances, ANIMA Group also conducts workshops and courses, exposing its dynamic of collective musical creation and the matrixes of music in Brazil.

ANIMA GROUP:  SILVIA RICARDINO – medieval harp . PAULO DIAS – Afro-Brazilian percussion, rumpi drum and organetto . GISELA NOGUEIRA – Brazilian baroque guitar . OGÃ LEANDRO PEREZ – rum master drum and voice (guest artist) .  VALERIA BITTAR – recorders . LUIZ FIAMINGHI – Brazilian traditional fiddles . HUGO PIERI – voice.

YouTube Channel \\ www.animamusica.art
Servidão Riacho Doce, 170 Lagoa da Conceição . Florianópolis - SC. 88062-560 Brasil
Rua José do Patrocínio, 421, ap. 26 . São Paulo - SP. 04108-001.
tel. (#55) 48. 99156 6957 . e-mail: anima@animamusica.art